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1. How many computers can I activate APRSPoint on with my license key?
You can install, activate and run APRSPoint on multiple computers at the same time.

2. I sent the payment, why still no license key?
Please provide your call sign with your order. If you do not receive your license key/instructions within 24 hours of your payment, the most likely cause is that the spam filter of your email system blocked our message. Please add aprspoint@hotmail.com to your contact list to prevent that from happening.

3. Can I use aliases or tactical call signs?
In Settings dialog, Misc tab, enter the alias or tactical call sign in the 'Tactical Call' text field. If you then check the 'Beacon Tactical Call' checkbox, your position will be sent with that alias or tactical call sign instead of your regular call sign.

4. What is your return policy?
Please research thoroughly to make sure that APRSPoint is indeed the right thing for you, since I'm not able to accept returns.

5. Why do I get an error 339 about mappointcontrol.ocx?
You'll get this error if you try to run APRSPoint without MapPoint installed. APRSPoint needs MapPoint(2004, 2006, 2009 or 2010) to work. MapPoint provides the COM programming interface needed by APRSPoint, whereas Streets & Trips(or AutoRoute) does not.

6. I got a 'Failed to Initialize MapPoint' error, how can I fix it?
Earl Voss, W2EDV wrote an excellent article on how to fix this error, you can find it in the files section of Yahoo APRSPoint group.

7. How do I get the latest maps?
Stephen Smith, WA8LMF, has extensive information HERE on how to update the maps with Streets & Trips(or AutoRoute), or a free download of MapPoint 2010 trial.

8. What operating systems does APRSPoint support?
Windows 7 32 and 64 bit, Windows Vista 32 and 64 bit, XP and Windows 2000 are supported.

9. Why do I get this 'Run-time error 339' on Windows Vista?
On certain Vista configurations, you may encounter this error message about 'comdlg32.ocx' or 'tabctl32.ocx'. Download vista.txt to your computer, rename the file to 'vista.bat' and run it to fix the problem.

10. What should I put in Unproto and Via settings?
Unproto is a free form string, mostly used to identify the software you are using. You can use APO44 for APRSPoint version 4.4. Via is your digipeater path, for things like 'WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1' or 'WIDE2-2' etc. Stephen Smith, WA8LMF gives a very good explanation of digipeater path here.

11. How do I have APRSPoint start up with the map view I choose?
First set up the map view with the desired location and zoom level etc., and save the map as a '.ptm' file. Then enter the path of the file in the 'Initial Map View' field in the 'Misc' tab of the settings dialog. Next time APRSPoint starts up, it will load the saved map view automatically.

12. My laptop has no serial ports, what usb/serial converters are supported?
Personally, I have used IO Gear GUC232A usb/serial converter under both Vista and XP with no problems.

13. What should be my tnc settings?
Your tnc should be set to terminal mode, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit and no parity. Most tnc's are set up that way by default. You NEED to set MSTAMP, HEADERLN and MCOM(not MCON!) to off. Recommended baud rate is 9600. If you change the baud rate of your tnc, make sure you choose the same rate in aprspoint connect dialog.

14. Does aprspoint support AEA PK-232 tnc units?
Yes, it does. PK-232 TNC's command format is different from that of Kantronics TNC's. You need to download tncsettings.txt in the files section and replace the file of the same name in the folder where you installed APRSPoint.

15. Can I use a serial port higher than COM4?
You can use any available serial port. Just type the name in the 'Port' field instead of selecting it from the dropdown list in the tnc connect dialog.

16. How do I track a mobile station?
To track a mobile station, simply add its name to the track list. Multiple stations can be tracked on the map at the same time. You can specify the color in which mobile stations are shown, customize track line style and width, show/hide or remove station tracks as well.

17. Does aprspoint work with Kenwood radios with built-in tnc?
It works great with TH-D7(G), TM-D700 and the new TM-D710. It supports the PASSTHROUGH mode of the radio. So if you have a GPS unit connected to the radio, you can receive other people's locations and track/report your own position with only one serial port. Read the on line help for details.

18. Does aprspoint support real time GPS tracking? Does it support weather stations?
Yes, aprspoint can track NMEA compliant GPS units in real time on the map. Remember to set your GPS unit to NMEA mode. Currently aprspoint supports Peet Bros. weather stations.

19. Can I use USB GPS units with aprspoint?
Yes. USB GPS units present themselves as serial devices on virtual COM ports, such as COM23, COM29 etc.

20. What APRS servers can I use?
Peter Loveall(AE5PL)'s website is an excellent source of information on APRS servers. You can also find an extensive server list there.

21. What are server side filters?
When you connect to an APRS internet server, the server sends you all the data it receives. This may not be what you want. In this case, you can choose to connect to port 14580, which is a filtered port, and specify a filter string in the connect dialog to tell the server to send you only the data you are interested in. By using server side filters, you receive only the data you want to receive. Here are the server side filter commands.

22. After I connect to port 14580 of a server, how come I'm not receiving position reports?
Port 14580 is a filtered port, you must specify a filter string in the TCP connect dialog to receive position reports. Make sure you enter the word 'filter' with the rest of the filter string in the field.

23. What are client side filters?
For data coming from the RF link or an unfiltered port (ports other than 14580) of an APRS internet server, you need to use client side filters to tell APRSPoint the stations you want displayed. You invoke the client side filter by selecting menu item 'Tools|Filter...'. Client and server side filters can be used alone, or together to achieve maximum filter control.

24. I sent my position over TCP connection, why can't I see it on findu.com?
Make sure you have the file 'igatepw.txt' containing you APRS server password in your aprspoint folder. If you hide the file extensions on your computer, it could become 'igatepw.txt.txt' when you save it, so be careful. Now send a report over tcp connection, you should then see it on 'http://map.findu.com/yourcall'.

25. Why is the TCP data window empty?
TCP data log is turned off by default for better performance, go to settings|misc tab to turn it on.

26. Why is my station displayed as a computer even if I set its symbol to something else?
The station uses the computer symbol to indicate that it is created on the map by 'my station' settings, and that it is not a received station. Other people receiving your report will see your intended symbol.

27. What are the (r) and (t) after the call sign?
(r) means the station is received via the RF link, (t) via the TCP link.

28. How do I make only the tracked stations show up on the map?
Uncheck the 'create map symbol for each report' checkbox in the connect dialog, then only the stations in your track list will show up on the map.

29. How do I replay a log?
Choose 'File|Load Stations...' to play back a log, you can optionally apply FL(file load) filters, FL track list and step delay to the replay process.

30. Can I reconfigure my TNC settings on shutdown?
Yes, just put the commands in the file 'originalsettings.txt', which is located in your APRSPoint folder. Those commands will be sent to the TNC when you close APRSPoint.

31. What is a subnet?
Subnet is like the PL tone on your radio. For example, you and your buddies are doing a tornado chase. Members of the group can put "tornadochase" in the 'Unproto' field of the settings dialog. Then by entering the same string "tornadochase" in the 'Subnet' field of the filter dialog, you would filter for beacons of those members and see only their positions on the map.

32. How do I filter messages?
You set message filter options in the 'Message' tab of the 'Settings' dialog. You will receive all messages from all senders to all receivers, if you have 'Filter messages' unchecked, or if you leave 'From', 'To' and 'Subnet' fields empty. To filter messages, enable message filter and specify the senders in the 'From' field, and/or receivers(call signs, group codes etc.) in the 'To' field, plus any subnet settings. To receive only messages addressed to yourself, enable message filter and put your call sign in the 'To' field.

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